Weather Condition in Nepal

Weather Condition in Nepal

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Everything you need to know before travelling to Nepal. When is the best time to travel to Nepal? Condition of Weather in Nepal? What activities to do at Nepal and many others…,

Nepal or as many call it “ Home of  the Himalayas, is a country of magical, mystical and extremely religious.The country opened to the world recently (about 20 years ago) allowing Tourists from all over the World to visit, now the question is when is the best time to travel to Nepal? Condition of Weather in Nepal?

All the tourists from all over the world to visit, and it is for this reason that we have organized for you this complete article to know the correct time to go to Nepal.

Nepal has a great heritage. Their royal residences, temples, and churches can represent you. But also by what Nepal has visited is usually to be the entrance to the Everest, situated the south of the Himalayas, and Lumbini Birthplace of Buddha: are the factor of the start of many experiences.

The hike is also spectacular in Nepal also visit very useful trekking information in Nepal… But if you’re looking for the best time to travel to Nepal.

When is the best time to travel to Nepal?

The best time to travel to Nepal is the period after the Monsoon, during the months of September, October and November. At the end, between February and April, now is a great time at the end of the dry season.

If you are traveling to Kathmandu, if you decide to go to the end of the Monsoon and to accompany the high season, there are more tenants in hotels, and the rates increase. However, the timing is perfect after the rains, Monsoon have softened the landscape.

On the contrary, you need to avoid the visit to Nepal during the Monsoon, this occurs during June to September. Given that you will be required to leave the mountain sports due to the high threat of landslides, the presence is much worse than at other times of the year. However, monsoon is the peak of season to go for Dolpo region trek, Upper Mustang Trek and Kailash Manasarovar Trip.

✅ The best time to travel to Nepal

We understand that the best time is the end of the dry season before the Monsoon. Best costs, and more hotel, but if you still do not know what is the best time to go to Nepal, this information can have the ability to help you: The best months for the weather to travel to Kathmandu: You are visit Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan throughout  the year with short trek nearby locations .it Is January, February, March, and April, October, November and December. With respect to the temperature levels, the hottest months in Kathmandu are April, May, June, July, August and September, and the coldest month of the year is January. The rainiest months in Kathmandu are July and August.

✅ The Condition of the weather in Nepal

Nepal is located between China and India. The country suffers by its climatic variations. This is due to the latitude and the elevation. In terms of latitude, is located at the same level that Florida, which have duration in which to enjoy a tropical or subtropical climate, and in terms of the elevation, as can be expected, is extremely high, in truth, in the Himalayas there is The Everest among the peaks most well-known in the world by its height. When it comes to rainfall, the rainfall is less than 3000 feet above the level of the water. So in the peaks of Nepal, there are normally quite arid. Nepal is affected by the cycle of the Monsoon, which has clearly affected the level of rain in the country. The Rainy season or Monsoon lasts from June until the end of August.

✅ What to do during my visit in Nepal

In addition to mountain climbing, adventurous sports ( rafting, kayaking, canoeing, paragliding, bungy jump) , spiritual tours and eco-friendly travel, we’ll see what more we can do and see in Nepal. Enjoy the impressive Landscapes in Nepal, which have a great variety. From the perspective of cultural and tourism, it has many beauties and places of interest thanks to its palaces, temples and monoliths, almost all located in the Kathmandu valley. If you are looking for nightlife Thamel, Jhamsikhel and Pokhara are best places.

✅ How much does it cost to travel to Nepal?

What is the most expensive to travel to Nepal is the flight. When you are there the stay is not expensive.So, the important thing is to choose the right flight to minimize our travel. You can examine the cost of the flights using our flight section.

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