11 Popular Cities to Visit – Trip to Nepal

11 Popular Cities to Visit – Trip to Nepal


Popular Cities to Visit – Trip to Nepal

Come on in for a trip to Nepal, which has a millennium-old culture and cities and incredibly beautiful. It is amazing to walk through the streets and shoot the breeze outside the city, to go to the temple and climb up to the peaks, of course). Every city has its peculiarities, and for this reason it is worth it to take advantage of every minute to the site. Now, check out the best cities for you to explore on your trip to Nepal. To see it.


Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, is located in the central part of the country. In the middle of the mountains and a large valley “Kathmandu “with over one million inhabitants.  And Thamel, in the old part of the city, in the center of the gathering of backpackers.

Thamel, one among popular cities to visit during trip to Nepal, is the old part of the city, full of commerce, tourism, hotels, restaurants, etc. This is the area that is the area of the backpackers, where we all gather to start or end your trip to Nepal. The streets are narrow, and crowded with people, rickshaws (tuk-tuk) and motorcycle, all at the same time, they all go slow, it gets cold.

Streets in Thamel | Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Streets in Thamel

Close to Thamel, has a large concentration of temples in the Kathmandu, Durbar Square, and also the historical “Freak Street”.

This is the street (Freak Street), in the past, it has been well-known for hosting many tourists, due to its excellent location. Now, it’s a bit more degraded, but it retains the spirit of the past. The Freak Street that passes right by the side of one of the entries in the Durbar Square.

Durbar Square is a square filled with temples, almost all of them in the style of the pagoda (stupa). Even though some of them have been completely destroyed in the earthquake of 2015, and the other is still recovering.

There you will find also a number of shrines in honor of the Hindu gods such as Kali, Shiva, or Ganesh, in addition to all of the temples, in the style, pagoda.

Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal: Kathmandu Durbar Square
Kathmandu Durbar Square

Durbar Square is also the home of the Living Goddess Kumari. By having it as the home of the temple of the Bahal, these girls rise to the status of a Goddess. On matching  32  key features, skin – blemish-free, her hair and eyes, very black. Her body –  sturdy as a Banyan tree, thighs like those of a deer, neck like a conch-shell and tongue, small and moist. And she must belongs to the family of the family of Shakya (the Buddha).

Blessing from Living Goddess Kumari | Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal
Blessing from Living Goddess Kumari

In practice, the Durbar Square, the more it seems to be the recovery is stagnant, without a view to the recovery of the temple are affected. Among the temples we will visit, are: Taleju, Jaganath, the statue of king Pratap Mala, and the old royal palace, Narayanhiti.

But it’s still one of the most important places to visit in Kathmandu, and in the Khastamandap the Restaurant is located on the top of a building, high up, inside the Durbar Square is a place to relax and watch the hustle and bustle of the main square.

In the vicinity of the Durbar Square is still a market for the side of the road, Indra Chowk, where you can find all the information that it is normal to sell on a street market, food, tool, fruit, clothing, etc. There, in the middle of the market, just under the temple, you will find a small shop, it’s full of people selling items for a delicious, Lassi, and my. Do not miss to try it.

Lassi- Indra Chowk, Kathmandu Durbar Square
Lassi- Indra Chowk, Kathmandu Durbar Square

A very special event in Kathmandu not to be missed is the stupa of Swayambhunath. It is also known as the Monkey temple with incredible views of Kathmandu valley. Located on the outskirts of the city, the temple valley, not only because it is greatly referenced by the buddhists,

Top attractions to visit around kathmandu

Not exactly in Kathmandu but in the vicinity, then try to jump out of the bungee jumping at The Last Resort! Not just for the adrenaline rush, but for the natural environment around it, such as the waters of the river passing under it. One among popular cities to visit during trip to Nepal and we a part of adrenaline rush adventure.

Bungy Jump with Travel Pinto
Bungy Jump


Close to Kathmandu, a distance of 13 km from the hotel, explore Bhaktapur, one of the most ancient cities of Nepal, is one of the best-preserved in the country. Bhaktapur is one among popular cities to visit during trip to Nepal.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square |Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

The main attraction of the city is located in the Bhaktapur Durbar Square: Pottery Square, where they are made of ceramic vessels from the well and traditional. Taumadhi Square is another square, with some of the temples. Dattatraya Square, where several museums are open to the sky, among others. You will find that some of the temples in the square and was deeply affected- the earthquake.

The temples are located right next to a view point of Nagarkot, which has some amazing views of the mountains.  Nagarkot is one among popular cities to visit during trip to Nepal. You can take the opportunity to see the Himalayas and see the magnificent sunrise or the sunset. However, this will only be possible on the days in which the sky is light, otherwise the fog lights will not allow you to see anything.

 The sunrise in Nagarkot, under the clouds, with the Himalays in the background
The sunrise in Nagarkot, under the clouds, with the Himalays in the background

Although it is another city hit by the earthquake, and she has a lot of architectural wonders and you’ll have plenty of places to visit on your trip to Nepal. It is a city where you can walk quietly and you are not going to see the cars, the pollution, or the tumult on the roads. On the contrary, you will see the monks coming and going and lots and lots, and structures, such as the elephant, considered sacred by the Hindus.


Bandipur is a beautiful town, one among popular cities to visit during trip to Nepal — it is easy to see in some of typical settlement with rewarding Himalayas views in the center of Nepal that lies in between Kathmandu and Pokhara. She is just lovely and it has a new architecture, and its wide streets with resemblance of European touch.

You can visit the farms (Next to Bandipur) and are always accompanied with a local guide and learn about the culture of the silkworms in the silk, and keep track of all the processes in which they are grown. They are feeding on the cranberry, and are made of silk.

 A view of the Town of Bandipur |

A view of the Town of Bandipur

It is a typical village surrounded by impressive mountains, caves, such as the Siddha Cave. Can you walk along the trail, and also meet some of the monkeys having fun in the trees. It’s a place for you to go there early to enjoy the sunrise up in the mountains, to descend, to get to know the stories of the people of the village, and it is still climbing up the mountain to admire the sunset.

In addition to this, it is worthwhile to get to know the Tundikhel is a natural park and gives a feeling of going back to the time in the time in the World. The park has vegetation including trees, representing the gods of the Hindu religion. You also can choose which trails to go on or the mountain you want to climb. Get ready for a great adventure, and the thrill of the find, villages, tribal shrines, and the animals.The city boasts a number of interesting attractions, so you will have plenty of action about what to do on your trip to Nepal.


Pokhara is a city of beautiful Himalayas , and beautiful lakes, has made it a popular for day trips unforgettable experiences. You can enjoy cycling, try a tasty dish, or even to relax and enjoy the scenery to take your breath away.

Pokhara: Phewa Lake in the heart of City | Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Pokhara : Phewa Lake in the heart of the city

In Pokhara, further to the north, the city of lakes, the most beautiful, Pewa Lake, right in the heart of the city. It’s a city of quiet, the perfect place to relax, walk around the lake. In fact, it is the ideal place to you to rent a bike for riding in a more independent way.

It is a city with many lakes, and one in the center of the city, as has already been mentioned, and other, more distant, not to mention a trekking in the fantastic in Dhampus, with a view to lose your breath at Sarangkot, where you can admire the Himalayas. The view is amazing, You can see the highest of any city in either Pokhara or Bhalakhor.

When you get down to the View Point of Sarangkot be sure to stop at a little cafe, and the Crony’s Cottage, in which the owner is named Sujan Thapa. He speaks good English and even japanese, a person of the excellent and super friendly!

 The view from Sarangkot | Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal
The view from Sarangkot

It’s a place to get away from the shakes, or the mountains for a walk. Relaxing and invigorating, by the rivers, the forests, the number of plants.

It’s a place to get away from the shakes, or the mountains for a walk. Relaxing and invigorating, by the rivers, the forests, the number of plants.

The trek to Dhampus is uphill for 1500 meters. The trails are well maintained and passes through cultivatable paddy field and green vegetation.It’s amazing to think the beauty in middle of the mountain and wonderful insights. The only way to get somewhere is to go down to the foot, or to climb up. It is not an easy one.

Take the time to take a break, grab a water, a juice, and take a short break on the way up. When you get to a certain altitude the views that take your breath away. I’m being repetitive, but this is the same as the one in Nepal. A country is more mountainous, and the hills are most significant in the world. And it’s still right up there at Dhampus, you also have a Australian Base Camp. It which is worth a visit on your trip to Nepal.


Lumbini is a town that lies close to the border with india in south. It is located 22 km from Bhairahawa, a  UNESCO world heritage site.

This is the place sacred where the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was born. Since the German archaeologist Alois Anton Führer discovered the place. It is believed that the temple and the pool are in the same time, the Buddha came into the world. “Pushkarini” the pool Mayadevi had bathed in before giving birth to Buddha.

 Lumbini: The Place where Lord Buddha was born |Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Lumbini: The Place where Lord Buddha was born

So, get ready to visit the Maya Devi Temple , Royal Thai monastery, Buddhist Chinese, Zhong Hua, and the Golden Temple in Myanmar. The Temple of Maya Devi is a place where there are marker stone  of the birth of the Buddha, you can go to relax and do their prayers.

When visiting the temples it is important for the traveler to take water — there are places to shop nearby, and especially during the summer, to visit them in the morning.

You can hire a car in Kathmandu to go to Lumbini and the journey is amazing. Not so hilly, really, really hot, where you can see a very natural, silence and isolated. And Lumbini, is not much more than that, it leaves you more time to visit all of the other cities on your trip to Nepal. Basically it has two main streets and a temple from where you can visit the birthplace of the Buddha. Actually, the ideal would be for you to go to the neighboring towns and rent a bike to visit the region of Lumbini.


Chitwan is not a city, but a park full of wild animals and various species of animals. It is located in the central-southern region of Nepal spreading over 932 km. It is the first protected park being the greeting card from Nepal. In addition, he is listed as a world heritage site, so if you prepare for your trip to Nepal , to see a well-preserved and charming!

Sunset on the bank of Rati River: Elephant Ride | Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Sunset on the bank of Rati River: Elephant Ride

It is an unforgettable place to visit, for you to do a safari as well as Jeep safari in Chitwan through the forest. Enjoy the wildlife, deer, leopards, elephants, bears, tigers, rhinos, and  the hundreds of species of birds.

It is ideal for you to go on a walk with a naturalist. He’d be helping in  identification of the birds and protection from wild animal. Take advantage and walks into the jungle, in a canoe, and learn about the tribes of indigenous people such as Tharu. Explore their habitat and lifestyles that are very interesting, definitely worth a visit.

Tharu Village and Way of Living ...|Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal
Tharu Village and Way of Living …



Nuwakot is a very small city in Nepal, which is surrounded by mountains, it is more commonly known as the spike off. is located is 70 km from Kathamndu on the south-east of the Trisuli Bazaar.

It is a place of history, but preserved, like the palace of Saat Tale Durbar. It have  seven luxurious floors, was part of Prithvi Narayan Shah. You can enter the palace to visit all the rooms, and so much more.

Go first thing in the morning and watch the sunrise or the sunset from the tower, Kakani, even though it is not easy to get to the place, he is still less popular than the other towers, such as Pokhara and Nagarkot.

Kakani : Himalayas Above Clouds |Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Kakani : Himalayas Above Clouds

The temple of Taleju is a 35m tall, and is only confined to the hindus! Even so, you can get to know you at the annual festivals of Dasain and Sinduri Jatra.

Not too far away from the town that has the temple, the Bhairabi, (built after the earthquake of 2015), it will have the roofs gilt, and is very popular at the annual gatherings of the Sinduri Jatra, inclusive, there is one of the festivals you can attend on your trip to Nepal.

You can stroll amongst the fields of rice fields, if you feel like you are in a perfect paradise. The features are limited, but it is very interesting. You can visit the galleries of the museum with the statues.


Panauti is a town, a little touristy, but it’s incredibly interesting. It is located just a few kilometers away from Kathmandu. A city that UNESCO has the 40 ancient temples and more than 25 festivals around the world.

It is one of those cities of old, you know, when you get to the place, and it seems that nothing has changed even after so many years? So, Panuati it so it has the structures and buildings well-maintained.

Panauti Village | Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Panauti Village

Hire a car to Panauti from Kathmandu for a quick arrive. As soon as you arrive in the city, you will see the river Khware (Tribeni Ghat), a shrine, a temple of Indreshwar mahadev temple. This is located between the two rivers (Punyamati, and Roshi), and the Museum of Panauti. The area is sacred and attracts thousands of tourists to bathe in the miraculous waters.

And that the conservation is spread throughout the city, including the houses. It helps in preservation of  the historic architecture and the beautiful gardens.

You can also visit the Ananda Cafe and the Garden Restaurant, and sample the delights of the place. It is worth visiting the place for the scenery and learn Newari culture and festivals. 


Patan is a small city that is located in the south of Kathmandu. The area has winding streets and mysterious places and very rich in art, architecture and culture. It only takes 30 minutes drive to reach Patan from Kathmandu.

Even though it is a city to be up in less than a day. It has some of the greatest festival in the country,  Machchhendranath. The celebration to the gods of the rain, the other memorable experience you need to know during your trip to Nepal.

In addition to this, get to know the other square, Durbar Square (there are three of them in the country). And in the same manner, you are required to pay a fee to enter and travel in the local area. There you have the opposite of Golden, Kumbheshwar, and the Machchhendranath, one of the buddhist monasteries, the oldest in Nepal.

Patan Durbar Square | Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Patan Durbar Square

The monastery Rudravarna Mahabihar, in Okubahal is 1500 years old. And still counts with the statues of heat, and the flowers carved into the walls of the temple. The Mahaboudha Temple have lots of  Buddha engraved on each and every one of the bricks. Thousand Buddha Temple where you can read the writing on the plates painted in blue around the temple.

Now, if you have the time to take a walk and learn something new. You better enroll in the courses of the Academy of the World. Learn the art, craft, pottery and cooking classes with local people.

You can’t help but to walk up to the Aksheshwor Mahavihar, to have a beautiful view of Kathmandu. In the sky, in those soft tones with a few clouds. This is the time for you to push all the adrenaline and relax by looking at the landscape.


Stroll through the historic Mithila city to experience the terai culture of southern Nepal. It is a place that is  sacred for the pilgrimages of both the hindus and tourists from around the world.

It is here where you will find the famous temple of Janki was built over 200 years ago, is also the birthplace of the Goddess Sita. Every year, thousands of travelers go to this place to contemplate the richness of the temple. Learn more about Kingdom Mithila and art and crafts of the area.

 Janaki Mandir : Janakpur, Nepal |Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Janaki Mandir : Janakpur, Nepal

In addition to this, get to know the opposite Bivahmandap, Ram Mandir, Rajdevi Mandir and its beautiful gardens, the lakes. And the sacred Ganga Sagar and to Dhanrush India Argaja, Agnikund, among others.

In the temple, the Ram Mandir is  the oldest in Janakpur. It is a place that brings out even more of the culture of Nepal. Dedicated to the crown prince of Ayodhya.

To get there, a traveler can take a direct flight from the international airport in Kathmandu to the Janakpur airport. In addition to this, you also have the option of going to Janakpur by car or jeep. You can even catch a bus to Janakpur from Kathmandu.


Ilam is a city “Queen of Hills” shares a border with the Pachthar, and to the south, Mahabhrat Hills. On this trip to Nepal, stop by and give you a fresh take on the rivers of the city. Or go to some estate and you can see the richness of the vegetables that they grow.

This is a place with a garden for tea, and rivers like  Jogmai the Puwamai, May, and Deaumai. The planting of tea in Kanyam is one of the most famous and the most beautiful of them all.

Go to any store that sells tea, and bring it with you. The store ilam-Tea House is a great place run by the ladies. Very kind, and also the possibility to buy a tea for memories.

Kanyam Tea Garden : Illam | Popular Cities to visit on your adventure in Nepal

Kanyam Tea Garden : Illam

When you go out on the lake and Mai Pokhari, and a five-hour drive to meet in the forest. Sadakpur, it is a real reserve of flora — species of exotic wildlife — home to rare animals.

In addition, you learn about Antu Danda. It  is the place for you to view the scenery from a high altitude (2328 m). Ideally you want to wake up early in the morning to watch the sun rise. Take the opportunity to appreciate the planting, as in the plains of the region, Mirik, Kurseong. This plain is a place that has a temperature and a pleasant environment.

The course itself is very close, about a 3 hour drive, or ride, out-of- illam Bazaar. Coming from the same place, and for the next three hours, you get to watch the sunset, the Siddi Thumka.  One of the best places to live that experience, and it has an altitude of 1800m.

Do you need to know about the tower? The View Tower is an impressive place to visit with great views of the Bazaar. It  is still the most amazing as well as the surrounding settlements. In addition to this, you can use it for eating at a restaurant in the area.

It’s a place to get away from the shakes, or the mountains for a walk. Relaxing and invigorating, by the rivers, the forests, the number of plants.

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